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Expert Interior and Exterior Lighting Services in Arnold & St. Louis, MO

Make your property brighter and more energy-efficient than ever with upgraded lighting. The expert electricians at Wired Electric LLC can transform each room with a few strategic lighting tweaks. We can make your kitchen look bigger and more open with bright recessed lighting, or we can make your dining room look intimate and relaxing with warm bulbs. Our crew can also upgrade your exterior lighting for your parking lot or driveway. Speak with an electrician about your lighting needs today.

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The pros and cons of 5 types of lights

You have several options when it comes to lighting for your home or office. We’ll help you wade through your choices with our short lighting guide. These five types of lights each have their own distinctive advantages and disadvantages:

  1. LED– These energy-efficient lights are durable and long-lasting. However, they are more expensive than most other types of lighting.
  2. Incandescent– These lights are inexpensive and popular, and they produce a lovely, warm light. They have a short lifespan and use much more energy than other types of lights, though.
  3. Halogen – These use the same technology as incandescent lights, but they are more energy-efficient and can be dimmed. However, they cost more and they can be flammable under certain conditions.
  4. Fluorescent– These are efficient and especially popular in corporate settings as overhead lights. However, they contain the hazardous substance mercury, so they must be discarded with extreme care.
  5. Compact fluorescent– These work like standard fluorescent lights, but they can be screwed into the same sockets as incandescent bulbs. They cost more upfront than incandescent bulbs, but consume up to 70% less power.

Do you need help deciding which lights to choose? Do you need help deciding which lights to choose? A Wired Electric LLC team member will help you decide which lights to choose in Arnold & St. Louis, MO. Call 636-282-3400 to learn more.